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Mar 10, 2024

In this 2019 podcast TD, Kris Hunter, Sowilo & Penelopenicia are discussing a long time unsolved mystery murder. About a journalist who stumbled upon a Web of lies and deceptions. Danny Casalero named it The Octopus because of the tentacles that reach so far and wide, not only around the world, but it within our own United States government. We dig further than a recent documentary on Netflix. They’re calling it a conspiracy theory however, in our podcast we show and explain in part one and part 2. Please follow up with part two and tonight we will be doing another part three which gets deeper and deeper. Into Crossfire Hurricane, Spygate many well known Political names. So watch for that on the app and/or we have documents from Ted Gunderson, Michael Riconosciuto. We talk about the Cabochon murders also Robert Maxwells involvement. The firearm trade at the Indian reservation and much much more.