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Jul 22, 2022



We start our journey into the world of lies, cheats and deception of the USA backdoors created through a software written by Mr. William A. Hamilton from INSLAW, Inc. a perfect intelligence tool with potentials the FBI saw worthy. The DOJ stole this software causing a small company to go bankrupt. Owing the Hamiltons a tremendous amount of money a jury of their peers agreed. However, the story just got more complicated when Micheal Riconosciuto whom was one of the original programmers to adjust the software to track, trace people & open backdoors. Providing a wealth of data. Unknowingly to the one losing or giving the data.  This type of surveillance opened a whole world of sabotage not only in USA but in other countries when it was sold to unknowing suspects.  This series is going to take us through doors of FBI, CIA, SPIES,UNITED NATIONS & THE NWO SUSTAINABILITIES. Let's go together to find out how M.Riconosciuto warned about 911  Months in advance to the Government.  This is a connection we cannot ignore. DRUGS, HACKING, TRAFFICKING & SPYING

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