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Jan 14, 2020

The latter end of December Rashida Tlaib visited Mexico for a 'prayer ceremony'. Of which she has shocked the religious community by participating not only in her own Muslim Shia Islam prayer ( ALAH AKHBAR)had hands laid on her by Methodist Priest but she also participated in the Catholic Communion the ritual of the Mass is largely taken up with preparing the hosts and wine to become the body and blood of Christ and the congregation to receive the body of Christ. Under Taqiya Rashida was able to falsify, also known as Kitmān. A practice used in Shia Islam permitting to conceal (lie)in order to protect her true beliefs of religion. In our conversation with Oscar Ramirez we discuss many topics past and present. Please stay tuned for more podcasts with further information concerning movements of Muslims with DUAL CITIZENSHIPS running for office in the U.S. Congress. OSCAR EL BLUE ON YOUTUBE HAS HIS VIDEO OF SAID VISIT IN MEXICO. Thank You for listening and PLEASE follow me on IRLmedia on Youtube for further CHRISLAM discussions