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Dec 4, 2019

1 year After First Caravan reaches Independent Journalist Oscar El Blue's City of Mexico speaks with Penelope about the impact his Country has seen for the past 12 months. With the hopes his newly elected Socialist President will not re-sign the Global Compact For Migration Pact since the UN is visibly now present in Central America - Pt2. of 3.
Independent Journalist, Broadcaster & Mexican Citizen Oscar El Blue (Ramirez) gives PENELOPE his firsthand account of what it has been like for the past 12 months to see his Country decimated and taken advantage of by the United Nations and the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) invaders. As time has passed more and more is learned of what is expected of all Countries whom signed. The people coming in and how they react to the information provided to them. Join us in this Part2 of 3 to hear directly from a person living this on a daily basis. The USA did not sign final  the Migration PACT.