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Jun 28, 2022

Continuation of the Transcript About The Russia Investigation & the 17 errors in the FISA Application

Thom Tillis: "We had General Horowitz before this committee. Inspector General Horowitz and he identified, as you’re aware, the 17 errors and omissions. As I look at some of the errors and omissions, do you think. We know one, that was identified as a crime".

We hear from Coons Hawley, Hirono  & Blumenthal but most interestingly we hear Senator Graham :"The question is how can it be that on September 7, 2016, the intelligence community asked the director of the FBI, the assistant director of counter-intelligence Peter Strzok, to look into the regarding US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton’s approval of a plan concerning US presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hacking hampering US elections, as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private mail email server."

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