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Jul 7, 2022



Senator Graham: (04:04:38)
It is not normal, ladies and gentlemen, that the agent involved in investigating a case, Mr. Barnett, felt like that there was no crime and the man gets prosecute anyway. It’s not normal for the agent in charge of investigating a case to believe that the organization was out to get a particular individual, in this case, Trump. This is not normal. The Flynn case is not normal. The people in the field wanted to drop it. They kept pushing it. They manufactured a crime against General Flynn. He was not colluding with the Russians. He had every reason in the world to be talking to Mr. Kislyak, the Ambassador of Russia, because he was going to be the incoming National Security Advisor. It is not normal that the FBI takes a politically contrived document from a Russian agent paid for by the Democratic Party and use it against an American citizen. That is not normal.

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